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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Good or Bad Jundgement? Take Some Time Out!

Like just about everyone else, I get unsolicited emails, mainly from acquaintances, with lists of sayings, some funny, some rude, some very rude and some banal.

Just occasionally there is the odd one which strikes a chord like this one which dropped into my inbox this week:

“Good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgement”.

Now there’s a thought.  It is, of course, a massive generalisation but there is a good deal of truth in it.  It has been wisely said that we really only learn from our mistakes and it is probably true to say that mistakes are often derived from poor judgement.

In the end it is all about the learning process and the key is to ensure that when mistakes do occur, as they inevitably will, that they are treated as a learning exercise and not as a case for discipline.

I have said on many occasions that experience should lead to expertise and as long as we are able to generate relevant experience, then the expertise will follow.

As my old sales mentor, Phil Copp, the sage of Wythenshawe, used to say (and he probably nicked it from someone else): “If you never make a decision, you never do anything”.

Of course, it all depends on a “no-blame” culture in the business and it is the province of the leader to ensure that it is implemented throughout the organisation.  In many ways, it is counter intuitive and the primary instinct is to resort to discipline and “if you let that happen again....” threat.

Bad judgement?  In the rough and tumble of day to day business, the leader  frequently has to make decisions on the hoof and they may be good or bad decisions.  At least they are decisions, and it has been wisely said (vide Phil Copp) that even making a bad decision is better that not making a decision at all.

So that little aphorism has a good deal of sensible truth in it and perhaps the key is to take out a little time to assesst the potentially unforeseen consequences of our judgement and decision making.  It is definitely worth the effort.

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