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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Performance? Results? It's The Activities That Really Matter!

I tweeted on Twitter (oh dear, how very crass that sounds) last week to say that I was looking forward to hearing US speaker Dan Barnett speak at my Vistage 10 group meeting on Tuesday last.

I most certainly wasn’t disappointed.  Dan gave a masterful exposition of his technique for success in business which simply emphasises the importance of activities versus the accountants’ approach of running the business against results.

The whole point of the exercise is that emphasising the rush for results is backwards looking whilst concentration on activities is forwards looking.

That seems simple and in essence it is.  The route to success lies essentially in a chain of events starting with the vision for perhaps the next three to five years.  In many ways this is the province of the leader but why not involve the top team in developing the measurable vision for the business.

The next link is perhaps the most important.  Dan says that there is one factor in every business which can make or break it and it is essential to identify that factor.  It ican be defined as the one thing that must be done to achieve the vision.

From there the team assesses the measurable activities that lead to the make or break and from the evidence, there is no doubt that the results will follow.

That is, of course, an encapsulation of a three hour session which captivated and inspired the group (and me) and I have no doubt that they will put his ideas into action.

It is most refreshing to be liberated from the chains of “results, results, results” and to realise that the most important things in the business are the activities which drive those results, which will inevitably happen.

It is not easy to make the transition from the traditional to the radical but it is well worth the attempt.  Nothing in business is easy but everything is possible.  Thank you Dan!

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