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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ivan’s Blog’s Birthday - One Hundred Not Out!

When my left brain kicks in which is does occasionally, I actually enjoy looking at and assessing statistics.  The subject is usually immaterial but the numbers can be fascinating.

Somewhat to my surprise, I noticed this week, that this post will be the hundredth since I started writing the blog.   At the beginning it was rather intermittent but at the Vistage conference in 2009, I, with others in our breakout group (that’s conference speak), made a commitment to something for which we would be held accountable.

Having started the blog it seemed to me that it would be a good idea to write it on a regular basis and consequently, it has appeared every week since then.  Sunday is my usual day with occasional Mondays when we have a Bank Holiday weekend.

So what about the statistics?  Total page views since I started amount to 4,763 at an average per month of about 240 visits,  However, I was pleased to see that in the past month the total page views were 553 so it does seem that the blog is gaining some momentum.

Readership is about 76% in the UK, 15% in the USA, 6% Germany and the balance from Australia, France, Russia, Canada, Israel, Slovenia and Iran.  How’s that for a miracle of global communication?

So what can I learn from all this?  Firstly, I am determined to continue to write the blog and on a weekly basis.  It has become my first job on a Sunday and I was recently taken to task by a reader for being late one week after a computer problem.  I’ll see that it doesn’t happen again, I promise.

Secondly, it is the power of commitment and determination.  Rather to my surprise, I have been doing it for so long now that it has become second nature and I try not to let anything get in the way.

Thirdly, somewhat self-indulgently, I enjoy reading the comments that several of my readers take the time to write – thank you!

So, on this Father’s Day, it’s a double celebration for me to have hit the hundred blogs.  Note, this was never an objective but for me it has been an achievement and that is very motivating.

I now intend to get my head down a la Boycott (a cricketing allusion for my overseas readers) and set out for the next hundred.  We have a wonderful Chairman in Vistage USA, Pat Hyndman, who is well over ninety and still running a group. He says that he intends to continue until they carry him out on his own flip chart.

Not a bad way of looking at life.  Retirement at 66?  Forget it , get your head down, take guard again and bat on.  Now I have an objective – the next hundred!

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David Adams said...

Congratulations, Ivan. Wonderful to be so passionate about something; it's what keeps one alive. I often refer to my six business partners who retired when I was running the stock-broking business who died withing two years of so doing. From fellow Vistage Chair and former Ivan group member, David Adams

CB said...

Ivan, thanks as ever for your words of wisdom - they add a certain clarity to Monday mornings and inspire my To Do list. Here's to the next 100 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ivan i always look forward to your words of wisdom each week. Hope you are really well and here's to the next 100. Akilah