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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Don't Let Your Sales Team Get A Layby Tan!

My sales mentor, the great Phil Copp, used to relate how, when driving down the East Lancashire Road between Manchester and Liverpool, on a nice summer’s day, he used to see the laybys occupied by Fords, Vauxhalls and similar, windows and sunroofs open.

This was known by the occupants (if they were of that great tribe – salesmen or women) as “doing the paperwork”.

Phil called it “getting a layby tan” and was pretty scathing about the lack of commitment of these types.

In essence, if you employ a sales team, then the only time that they are productive is when they are face to face with the prospect so ideally this time needs to be maximised.

Route planning, Pareto analysis of the prospects and existing customers, and a careful and cultured decision making process as to the regularity of calling are all vital ingredients of optimum productivity.

Add to that all the various aspects of new technology and sales productivity can be massively improved. It certainly isn’t by sitting in a layby enjoying the sunshine and “doing the paperwork”!

Happy New Year!

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