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Thursday, 12 November 2009

A Severe Attack of Cliches

I need another rant! As an avid listener to BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service, I have been struck (again) by the overuse of what are now becoming clichés. In fact, it has become so intrusive, that I have retreated to my other haven, BBC Radio 2!

First of all is the widespread use of “basically” which seems to populate virtually every interview one can hear and what is more, it is making an appearance in overseas broadcasts. Add to that the incessant “at the end of the day” and perhaps you can understand the irritation.

Then there is the hyperbole. Why does everything need to be over-emphasised? Why, for example, does it seem necessary to use “absolutely” in answer to a question when “yes” is perfectly sufficient? Why is everything “fantastic” or “amazing” and, worst of all, “incredible”?

Just listen to any broadcast nowadays and count the number of clichés that you hear. It may just take your mind off the recession!

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