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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Let's be More Positive!

Following on my last post, I recently had an email newsletter from an old acquaintance and Vistage speaker, Rick Houcek from Atlanta GA USA, and it really sparked me into thinking that sentiment is a very important function in helping defeating this economic gloom.
You can subscribe to Rick's newsletter at
www.SoarWithEagles.com and the heading of this particular edition (no 0306) is "The Two Most Essential, Urgent, and High-Priority Activities of Your Business".
Rick says if you are asking "What can we do to survive this horrific global economic crisis and recession?" then you are asking the wrong question..
You should be asking " What can we do to THRIVE in this horrific global economic crisis and recession?"
What a difference! It takes your thinking on to a wholly different plane, from purely survival to genuine exploitation of opportunity and hence success. There is no reason why a business shouldn't be successful in a recession given the right opportunities and, essentially, the right and positive approach.
Rick says that he writes for leaders who say "I hear there's a recession going on, but I choose not to participate." I love it!
Take a look at the newsletter - it could change the whole way in which you look at your business and the current environment.

For more information take a look at www.maa-uk.co.uk and www.vistage.co.uk or contact me at ivan@maa-uk.co.uk or ivan.goldberg@vistage.co.uk

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