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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Cliches, Platitudes and Jargon

The recession seems to have brought out a vast range of new cliches, platitudes and jargon from our benighted politicians and journalists. Never a day goes by (how about that one for a start) but we hear "we will do whatever is needed" or "we will do everything necessary" when what they really mean is "we don't really have clue but it sounds good".

Then from the media there is "disaster scenario" or "things will get worse next year" or "negative equity" and so many more, all linked to the media's need for doom and gloom.

Cynical? You're damn right I am! We are locked into an economic situation brought on by reckless and frankly buccaneering forays into an investment market which was essentially a house of cards and which fell dramatically late last year. However, no-one, much less our politicians, has had the basic courtesy to apologise for their errors. Then again, like producers at the BBC, they don't make mistakes - it's just that we don't understand.

At long last and after a great deal of anger from the people, we hear today that some of the executives at AIG are giving back their unearned bonuses, without, as far as I can see, any apology.

Read The Puritan Gift (see my earlier blog) and realise how far we have come from the days when most companies had values and an ethos which would never have allowed this attitude from their staff. Let's hope that the New Normality will bring with it a new approach to integrity in business.

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Monday, 16 March 2009

Can We Try To Be Positive?

I am becoming increasingly frustrated at the incessant gloom and doom being churned out by our wonderful media, whether it be print, radio or TV.

Nobody is arguing that the economic situation is difficult to say the least but do we have to endure the constant harping about the "disaster" as seen by our worthy fourth estate.

It really came to a head recently when at the Davos conference, Robert Peston was heard, well nigh screaming, about the atmosphere being "unspeakably dire" and all that he wanted to do was to go and lie down somewhere. We should be so lucky!

It would be a great relief, to me anyway, if the media could just go with some positive news for a change. I know that bad news sells but we need some light in our lives and the press could certainly help. It reminds me of the story of the man who said that he was constantly reading about the dangers of smoking so he stopped - reading.

Henry Ford said "If you say you can or you say you can't, you're always right" and it's about time that we started to say, in the words of President Obama "YES, WE CAN!"

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