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Sunday, 24 November 2019

Time To Go - Albeit Very Reluctantly

I have been mulling over my rather truncated work commitments of late and I have sadly come to the conclusion that, much as I regret it, I have to cut down. Age is beginning to intrude on just about everything and because of failing eyesight and increasing irritability it now takes twice as long to put my Sunday morning blog together.

I hadn't realised how important Ivan's Blog has become in my life.  When I started, it was the result of a challenge in a workshop on accountability when I rashly, I thought at the time, started it, with a colleague being entrusted with ensuring that I compiled with a promise to publish a blog every week.

It took three weeks or so for the group to collapsed (don't they all eventually?) but sheer bloody mindedness took over and I surprised myself by keeping going.

That was just over 10 years ago and the result has been in excess of 550 posts almost every Sunday (3 exceptions) a total in excess of 400,000 words and good del of hard thinking to make sure that I am not becoming too repetitive.

Sadly age is now taking over and apart from not wanting to stop, there is now a noticeable slow down in the generation of good ideas.  Accordingly I have decided to call it a day.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch, who has taken part in comments and discussions and has contributed to keeping the blog constantly alive.

While it won't be posted on a regular basis now don't be surprised to find Ivan's Blog popping up occasionally simply because I have had an idea that perhaps you may enjoy.

Bless you all.

Ivan J Goldberg
Author, professional writer, content producer and leadership specialist.      
Email me me for a discussion via ivan.goldberg@maa-uk.co.uk


Bob Battye said...

I understand Ivan, this has been a sterling effort and great insights. You are an inspiration and a great example of the possible. Thank you for your muses and fortunately they will remain here to dip into.

Gair Maxwell said...

Ivan .... thank you for all that you shared over the years ... I will never forget meeting you in Manchester and admired the spirit that you carried with that Vistage group in the U.K... You have created quite an on-line legacy with over 550 blogs which says a lot about the values of commitment and dedication. Bravo Ivan and I look forward to seeing further musings in the future ...


Roger Martin-Fagg said...

Ivan you are a legend! I am amazed you still do so much, and have done so for the nearly 30 years I had the pleasure of knowing you.
There will no be a gap in Sundays .

brandid said...

Ivan...it was a pleasure for almost 20 years working with you as a Chair and your insightful, frequently provocative, but always welcome Sunday Blog has simply enhanced and deepened that pleasure. My thanks for your contribution to my learning.

Susan Hallam said...

I have read your musings every Sunday for the last few years, Ivan, and I'll miss them. But it is good to know you'll write something when the mood strikes you, and many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all.

Michelle Mullany said...

I've enjoyed reading your weekly blog since meeting you and appreciate that you need to look after yourself and cut down on commitments. I will look forward to an insightful musing popping up when the mood takes you. Take care

sjbagnall said...

I can't claim to have read each and every one of your legendary blogs Ivan however I have had the benefit of your wisdom as a life coach for over twenty years, which has had value beyond measure. I will miss your blog popping up on a weekly basis into my inbox but hope there may be an occasional ditty which we can all savour!

Dan Turner said...

Ivan, I also will miss the Sunday blog, it’s not often nowadays such high quality content is free! Always some common sense, some humour and wisdom and occasionally a hidden reference to someone in the group. It’s says a lot about your character that you have done so many, and your wide experience of work. All have supported your central philosophy that’s “it’s all about people”. Thank you, and enjoy your retirement from blogging!

Unknown said...

Ivan - I remember that challenge well and you accurately recall your own stubborn, focussed and bloody-mindedness to keep it going. Like the best gin and tonic, your blogs blend anecdotes with lived experience; real life with unattainable perfection and all topped off with a cooling influence of taking action (or else what's the point?) and a bitter reminder that we should always try to exceed the boundaries of our own dreams. I shall miss these weekly reminders of sense and sensibility. Go safe.