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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Are Your Systems Fit For Purpose? Are YOU Fit For Purpose?

I am fortunate to have some regular readers and followers of Ivan’s Blog and even some who are kind enough to comment (mostly kindly) for which I am truly grateful.  We all know how feedback can be welcome and valuable.

This week I heard from a dear friend who told me that, on a regular basis, he carefully checks his security settings, firewall, anti-virus software and all the associated settings to make sure that his device is “fit for purpose”.  In view of the growth in cyber crime that is an eminently pragmatic approach.

I am not sure how seriously we take this potential problem.  Certainly I back up on a regular basis and make sure that all the necessary software is up to date but is this all that I need to do?  Probably not and because of the prompt I intend to take action to make sure that the Mac is well up to date.

That having been said my friend went on to say that he also takes time out to review himself and to make sure that he is also, fit for purpose.

That really caused me to think.  As my maturity advances inexorably it becomes even more important to keep all the bits and pieces in working order as effectively as possible especially in mental terms. Writing this blog is  a good exercise in that respect.

However the idea of a personal “fit for purpose” should apply far more widely for all of us and certainly for me.  For example, do I really know my values and more to the point do I live them at all times?  Sadly the answer has to be no.  I think that I know my values but perhaps more in the breach rather than in the observation.

It is so easy to slip without thought.  The “chimp” in us escapes when, for example, I don’t give the respect to someone who deserves it.

My late father taught me the importance of good manners, to say “please” and “thank you” and that, I am glad to say, is now automatic. Simple courtesies like not interrupting someone are easy to achieve and they are just as easy to forget.  

Note to self: must try harder.

We are living these days in times of sadness and turmoil whether it is political or terrorist inspired and with a dreadful regression into blame culture. However that does not preclude our living a life that respects other people’s views and even foibles without judgement.  I don’t want people to judge me so why should I feel free to judge others?

My friend says “I am also reminded that each day I need to carry out a quick scan on myself : to make sure that I am fully aware of what is happening around me and what I seek to achieve.  Am I ‘fit for purpose’ and am I on the right road?

That is a very wise comment and it has made me think about my own behaviour and attitude.  We constantly go on about people in business with bad attitudes but when do we take stock of our own attitude and behaviour?

Maybe it’s time for a little introspection.
Great leadership leads by example.  A poor example can be just as easily passed on and copied as a good one so I aim to make sure from now on that I know my values, write them down and then constantly check that I am living them.

Thank you, Harold, for the wake-up call.

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