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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Still Using The Same Old Marketing Methods? Close Your Eyes, Take a Risk and Try Something New!

One of the most hackneyed clichés in business is the one which goes:

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”. 

Terrible English but the sentiment is there all right. 

It is really a question of how people can and will accept change and understand that all change brings with it a modicum of risk, probably more than they were experiencing.  That can mean the onset of anxiety and uncertainty. 

The point is that flat lining means no change, no growth, no danger, no risk and all the other components of comfort and complacency. 

Great leaders understand that the disturbance of the easy life for most people brings on a severe attack of denial and denigration such as: 

·       “It will never work” 

·       “We tried it before and made a mess of it” 
  • “It wouldn’t work in our market” 

·       “It’s different in our business” (which one isn’t, I ask myself?) 

There seems to be an inherent reluctance on the part of many people to accept that change is essential especially in an environment where at long last we are coming out of a protracted period of recession and slow growth, if at all. 

It is essential that the leader does a selling job on the team to ensure that they are onside with any changes that may be implemented.  Even better, if the team helps to design the changes then they are more likely to feel ownership and hence make it work.  

Markets and marketing have changed dramatically in the past few years.  Apart from anything else the extraordinary acceptance of online activity has seen significant changes in the way that we do business.  Just ask the retailers especially those who have not yet hit their markets with an online presence. 

It doesn’t only apply to the retail sector either.   After an absolute embargo on advertising and promotion in any way for the majority of professional practices, many of them have embraced the new freedom with enthusiasm. 

Equally there are many who haven’t and they are in danger of being overtaken by not necessarily better firms, but certainly those who realise that there are more ways than one of skinning the proverbial marketing cat. 

I am not saying that the old, tried and tested ways of building a market presence should be dropped but there is no doubt that by adding some new and innovative ways of making sure that the market is aware of what is on offer will take the business to a new level. 

It’s a matter of trying out new ideas, testing small sections of t market by pilot studies, of really researching the potential market and identifying potential clients or customers and, most importantly,  keeping an open mind. 

Yes, there will be risk but there will also be success.  Worth a try?
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