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Sunday, 9 June 2013

What do Your People Want at Work? These Ideas Will Help!

One of the minor irritations in life for me is the proliferation of those tweets, updates, statuses and the like which list the “10 Ways to be a Successful.....“ or “6 Top Tips to Financial.....“ and so on. 

I suppose that one of the drawbacks of regular blogging is the danger of falling into a state of imagined invincibility and I promise that I will try to avoid just that. 

Even so, last week I did fall into the trap of listing some aspects of leadership which I really did consider significant and as they had originally been devised by Google, I felt that there was some valid reason for passing them on. 

If followers can give an opinion of what they would like in a leader (and rightly so), why not some thoughts of what a leader looks for in the team and what would contribute to a happy, motivated and productive workforce?  

So going right against my better judgement, the following are some thoughts which would tend to improve our enjoyment and pleasure at work, and why not indeed?  

Be Positive

There is nothing so depressing as being around someone with a negative slant on life.  It really does drain all the energy out and can be very catching.  Vistage speaker John Cremer uses the “Yes, and....(rather than Yes, but.....)” method which raises the energy and increases the positivity in any discussion. 

Learn Constantly

There is a lovely question about experience which I heard recently: “Is it 20 years experience or is it one year’s experience repeated 20 times?”.  The fact is that unless we continue to learn and consciously, then we stultify and I strongly believe that can lead to real problems as we age. 

Constant, conscious and consistent learning is vital part of business life. 

Be Open

There is little worse than being with people who always seem to hide their inner feelings or, more frequently, don’t disclose what they are doing or achieving.  

It may be a defence mechanism at work but it contributes to a lack of trust.  Openness and transparency in business is essential even in difficult times when being honest and bringing people together can help in a tough situation. 


Don’t just stand there – join in!  The very act of joining in a project or being part of a team generates job satisfaction while hovering on the outskirts of the scrum without taking part brands you as an outsider. 

Taking part enthusiastically in what is happening increases the enjoyment of the process and builds confidence. 

Find Meaning

Someone once questioned three artisans who were working on the construction of a cathedral and asked the fist “What are you doing?” to receive the reply “I’m laying bricks and that is my job”.  The next one replied “I’m constructing a wall for the outside of the building”. 

The third person said: “I am building a cathedral to the glory of G-d”. 

That is a perfect example of what it is to have meaning in what we are doing. 


Whatever we do, whomsoever we deal with, all needs to be done with respect to their feelings, to their needs and aspirations and to their abilities.   Everyone has something to offer, to a greater or lesser extent, and accepting that fact requires respect. 

We can’t demand respect; it has to be earned. 

That is the end of the philosophical debate for today and, I promise, the end of the “How to do” or “How to be” lists from me.  

Sure, this is just a GBO (Glimpse of the Blindingly Obvious with thanks to sadly missed Vistage speaker, Ray Wilshire) but it isn’t a bad idea to mull it over from time to time.
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