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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Are You Prepared for the Unexpected? I Wasn't!

Don't you just love technology!  I switched on my laptop as usual last Tuesday and all I got was a black screen, not encouraging. 

After resorting to the highly technical device of switching off and on again and then giving the thing a good rap, it was still 50 shades of black. 

There was nothing for it but to call the computer NHS (private patient) and it was taken away to go into intensive care.  I was very god. I didn't make anxious calls to enquire from the nurse how it was doing. 
   A couple of text massages and an inbound call told me that We would know more by Tuesday afternoon. The long and short of the position is that the hard disc can be recovered but there are so far undiscovered problems on the mother board, whatever that might be. 

It's decision time and I accept that the only option may be a new machine. PC or a big move to Mac?  Fortunately the iPad has kept me at least 80% in action but it does beg the question: was I prepared for the disaster scenario and the answer is a resounding negative.

It has been a big learning curve for me and although in the great scheme of things, it doesn't rate very high.  However, strange and unexpected occurrences can throw a spanner into any works and a little preparation can take a lot of the pain out of the situation. 

Just consider the Japanese nuclear/earthquake/tsunami disaster. Did they foresee it?  Of course not and the results were almost catastrophic. What will happen is that they will certainly learn from it.

I suppose that it is a matter of managing the risk and the clever thing is to cover all the possible permutations which would effectively stop you doing anything else.  The real answer is for the leader to look at all the possibilities and make cover plans for those considered strategically important. 

Not an easy task but it is a matter of perspective.  In my very minor case it is a simple decision and whether I should have a back-up machine on hand. Economically viable?  Probably not so I can expect a  repeat performance in another three years time. I can live with that. 

In the meantime this has been composed on the iPad and there may well be a mistake or two.  I hope you will understand and thanks to you all for your constant support and encouragement.

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