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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Experiencing Lousy Service? It’s Not About the Price!

On a recent visit to a “well known High Street Supermarket” I experienced three examples of appalling service which, frankly, shook me.

The details don’t warrant repetition; suffice it to say that they broadly covered most aspects of poor service including staff chatting and ignoring me at the Information Desk, offhand replies to requests for assistance plus indifference and rudeness at the checkout.
What is sad is that everywhere in the store were comparisons of price levels with other local competitors which are within a few hundred metres and just as easily reached.
Even worse, the business in question has not had particularly good results recently and has announced a country-wide refurbishing of the stores to see if that will have the effect of increasing footfall.
When the total emphasis is on price something else must suffer and it would seem that it has been service to the customer.
Several years ago I used to walk through my local village to a greengrocer, passing as I did at least two other similar shops,  When I questioned myself as to why this was happening I decided that I actually liked going to the particular shop.
We deal with people that we like and conversely, we are far less likely to deal with people who we do not like or where we experience  poor and indifferent service.
Indeed, how genuinely price sensitive are the supermarkets?  Sure, there are some which offer really lower prices with the big four (Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Morrison) slugging it out and all claiming to be the lowest.
However I really can’t see that someone on a “big shop” would buy cereals at Tesco and then go to buy their baked beans at Asda simply for a couple of pence.  The whole idea of the supermarket is the “one-stop shop” else why would they be offering a range of goods other than food?
The upshot of this rant is that I have voted with my feet and have started to use another local supermarket where the price may or may not be lower but where the staff are mature, sensible and very helpful when assistance is needed.
By the way this particular company reported better than ever results recently with significantly increased sales.
Need I say more other than, as Vistage speaker Malcolm Smith would say “It’s not about the price”.

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