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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Mentoring in the Downturn

One of the most important issues for anyone at times like this, is to have someone to talk to, in a confidential environment, someone who is a good listener and who isn't judgemental.

Difficult to find? It certainly is! Talking to friends usually means having to listen yourself to their problems and generally the family members aren't the best listeners. Friends and family are too close to you to be able to be dispassionate about you and your issues and usually are quick to dive in and solve all your problems at one go, even if they get that far.

Mentoring is a highly specialised practice these days and I believe offers a real solution to the isolation problem which many of us experience. Because we have gone through a long period of economic prosperity many of us have never experienced the sinking feelings that a recession can bring, those feelings of being out of control of one's destiny and feeling that the future is both unpredictable and, worse, threatening.

A good mentor will listen, will discuss with the individual what their options are, work with them to decide what is the best option for them and then help them to take any necessary action.

Experience is everything in mentoring. Having spent the past 16 years or so working with a vast number of business executives covering more than 3,000 sessions, I know the value of the practice.

Don't feel isolated - find a mentor!

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